Faith Formation

If you want to feed your faith during this time, we have collected some good resources which can help you to go deeper in understanding the scriptures and your Catholic Faith.

Parish Talks

‘Watch the videos from the recent parish retreat: Why the mass is the most important thing on Earth’. You can access that here online resource

 Holy Spirit Parish has set up an account with This site is filled with thousands of books, documentaries, and studies… there is something for every member of the family to help them grow closer to Christ and His Church.

To sign up for FORMED:  

Click ‘sign up as a parishioner’ and enter the parish code :0810

Enter your email – and you’re in. Enjoy

Ministry Training Course

In 2021, we ran a series of talks to provide training in evangelisation. You can access these talks here



The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a series of animated videos that explain the books of the bible.

The Wild Goose is Loose

The Wild Goose was an ancient name for the Holy Spirit. This series looks at the role of the holy Spirit in the life of of a Christian


The Metanoia series looks at the journey of discipleship through a series of videos set in the Holy Land